Why We Invested: Content Llama

By Kate Fullen, Venture Analyst at Elkstone

From time to time, we come across companies solving unglamourous and complex back-end problems. These problems get us excited. When we met the Content Llama team that was building a content configuration solution for eCommerce, it was clear that the problem they were solving fit right into this category.

Content Llama Co-Founder Karina Kelly saw beneath the bonnet of online retail having run two eCommerce websites and realised that her difficulties with content configuration were being experienced across geographies and industries. You or I may not know it, but populating online sites is a headache. It’s a process typically underpinned by a complex web of dataflows, heavy relationship management and costly manual intervention.

Together with Joleen Looney, Karina founded Content Llama. The company’s solution is an AI-powered platform that automates the collection and configuration of brand and retailer created content which feeds directly into retailers’ eCommerce sites at a fraction of the time and headache. They call it Content Configuration Technology (CTT). If you’re not an online retailer and this is not yet making sense to you, bear with me – there’s a lot to be excited about here.

What got us excited:

We are no strangers to a poor online shopping experience – think websites with missing or low-res images, inaccurate or missing product descriptions, or missing products that are available in-store. For the scrolling customer it’s a recipe for loss of engagement, which for the ecommerce seller means a loss of sales. The issue persists because there is no simple fix. Merchandising online is a logistical nightmare involving a web of hundreds of brand data transfer files from suppliers, mismatched information requests, missing files and poorly structured content inputs. Some eCommerce sellers respond by employing expensive in-house product teams, others by delaying the launch of new products while they wait for missing brand content and some by launching a poorly curated online site.

Early adopters of Content Llama’s solution have included Lifestyle Sports, Elvery Sports, Walmart’s Moosejaw and Aer Rianta International. The feedback from these customers has been that Content Llama is a game-changer; an extension of their own team.

How Content Llama works:
  1. Content Llama’s Content Configuration Technology organises and configures publish-ready product content for ecommerce retailers creating a hands-off solution: Here’s how it works:
  2. Content from thousands of brand suppliers, and a client’s inhouse team is ingested into the platform creating a content database for the client.
  3. Llama’s CCT organises indexes, cleanses and catalogues this content.
  4. Client content requests are made, and relevant content is extracted from the database and configured to match the retailers’ style and needs.
  5. Configured content is fed into the retailers’ eCommerce site and it’s ready to go live.
  6. Llama provides content progress tracking and ongoing content updates to products.
What’s next for Content Llama?

Content Llama has an ever-growing database of brand content that is ready to be re-sized, re-worded and re-framed to meet the needs of new customers. As this database grows, the company’s capacity to service higher volumes of customers increases. Content Llama has large scaling plans with immediate focus on international clients, particularly in the US from its Chicago base as it heads into 2022. Now it’s time for the company to double down on AI capabilities, increasing speed of content configuration and building back-end integrations to streamline content as it sets its sights on US expansion.

“Joleen and I have been working closely with the Elkstone team over the last 12 months and are super appreciative of both the financial and advisory support at this critical stage in Llama’s journey. We are excited about the next steps for the company and delighted that Elkstone will be a key part of that journey.”- Karina Kelly, Content Llama CEO & Co-Founder.

We have an exciting journey ahead with Karina, Joleen and the Content Llama team. If you’d like to learn more about the Content Llama team or the team here at Elkstone, feel free to get in touch at venture@nullelkstoneprivate.com. Equally, if you’re a founder with a game-changing business, we’d love to hear from you.