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Family Offices Can Propel The EU Venture Capital Ecosystem

Some of the oldest venture firms were developed as the investment arms of wealthy families. This piece published by Forbes looks at how families struggle to find an approach to VC investment that works for them, which is where family offices with their financial strength and extensive relationship networks can help, and drive the European tech ecosystem forward.

Alan Merriman, quoted in this article, commented that “First-generation family offices sometimes tend to be curtailed by the entrepreneur who created the wealth in the first place and who consequently feels more comfortable in investing in his or her own core business or specialism.

By contrast, for generational family offices it is more about judging the right asset allocation as a whole for venture, and then getting access to the right managers. This access, combined with the ability to develop long term relationships, is the key barrier to solve.”

This article titled “Family Offices Can Propel The EU Venture Capital Ecosystem” was published by Forbes on August 19th 2020. Read the full article here.