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What is a Family Office?

Family Offices are known for providing independent guidance and oversight of their clients Investment Portfolio. For the founders of early stage companies however, Family Offices are a sometimes overlooked source of funding and added value, particularly through connecting them with their extensive international networks.

Here is an interesting read about what a Family Office is, and the benefits that they offer founders when investing in early stage companies.

According to Alan Merriman quoted in this piece: “One big advantage of family office investors is that they tend to have a good depth of knowledge of running a business.” He added that “with Multi-Family Offices, the network can be even more helpful… Elkstone can often introduce founders to other potential investors and clients which it is connected to via its 50-strong portfolio.”

Read the full article here.

This article was written by Amy Lewin and published in July 2019 in Sifted, a FT supported publication.